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Mathieu Viannay has enjoyed wonderful success with La Mère Brazier since taking over the legendary establishment in 2008, since when he has gained 2 Michelin stars.

The history of
la mère Brazier

La Mère Brazier was established in Lyon in 1921 by 26-year-old Eugénie Brazier. After purchasing a dingy bistro for a handful of francs the young farmer went on to earn the loyalty of the most refined food-lovers of the time. For nearly a century politicians and well-known figures have flocked to the tables of a restaurant that has become an institution.

The Chef
Mathieu viannay

Mathieu Viannay has been running the kitchen at La Mère Brazier since 2008. When he took over this legendary establishment, Mathieu Viannay decided to continue serving the recipes that made its name while adding his own twist to some of the classics of a restaurant that has been going strong since 1921. With various delicate touches he has introduced some of the delights of modern high-class cuisine.